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Kate Tipton

Liberal Democrat PPC for Charnwood



I have been a Liberal Democrat for a while, but I became far more active and involved following the 2016 Referendum. A self-confessed Maths Geek - I decided to pass my love of the subject on to others by becoming a teacher in 1998, and have been a Deputy Head since 2009. I am still committed to improving education for all, and I drafted a proposal (which was unanimously passed) on skills based education for the East Midlands Regional Conference in 2019. I am keen to encourage STEM education, so of course I was disappointed with the Government's decision to close Welbeck DSFC (announced March 2019) and I have been campaigning locally to have the decision reversed and to continue to provide quality skills-based education for students from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

I currently live in Charnwood with my dog Henry, and stood as a paper candidate in the local borough council elections in 2019, improving the Lib Dem vote share in my ward by 11%, but sadly not winning the seat. I am committed to stopping Brexit, and to halting climate change before it is too late.

In my spare time I am also a qualified Zumba Fitness Instructor.


Britain today is less fair than ever. People who work hard and play by the rules should be able to get on in life, but our failing politics means that more and more people can't. The Liberal Democrats will build an economy that works for everyone, not just the richest.

The current 'First Past the Post' voting system is unfair and outdated - it is time for a system of Proportional Representation - where every vote counts. The Liberal Democrats have consistently campaigned for changes and, once elected, will make good on these promises.

The Tory government has blocked changes to allow 16 and 17 year olds the vote - whilst allowing them to vote in their internal leadership elections. I will fight to allow the voices of young people to be heard, and for the voting age to be lowered to 16.

Disfranchising EU citizens, and British citizens living in the EU, is a disgrace. On matters that concern them, they should be allowed to vote. I want all the residents of Charnwood to have a voice - and I in turn will speak for you at a national level.

Climate change and air pollution threaten our future. Working with the EU enables us to set high environmental standards and work together to protect our planet. Global problems need global solutions. The Liberal Democrats will put Britain on a path to becoming carbon neutral at the earliest possible date.

In Charnwood we will be looking to support Green initiatives, improve public transport and cycle routes, and reduce waste. We all need to play our part in this, whether large or small, to save our planet for future generations.

EU citizens make a huge contribution to our NHS, schools and care services. 1 in 10 NHS doctors are EU citizens, as are 13,000 teacher. By remaining in the EU, we can retain these vital staff and protect our right to live, work, study and retire across Europe.

The Conservatives'botches handling of Brexit has driven away thousands of healthcare workers in our NHS, increasing the pressure on local services. We need these workers to feel welcome in modern Britain.

Years of uncertainty have damaged the UK - we need clarity of vision and purpose to address this and reverse the damage.

My key messages are:

-To increase education funding to ensure all children get the support required to meet their needs - reversing damaging Tory cuts

-Improve public transport and cycle routes across Charnwood

-Invest in the NHS and social care, by putting a penny on income tax, to ensure quality care for both metal and physical health

-Tackle the climate emergency, with a target of net zero greenhouse gas emission by 2045

-Remain in the EU and reform from within

-Restore youth services and community policing in Charnwood

-Ensure that new build homes are supported by additional services - schools, GP surgeries, shops - to reduce the strain on existing provision

-Listen to the people of Charnwood!